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Location dressing and cover up

Working as a prop and model maker in film and television, I  often create solutions to disguise modern items at locations for period dramas and family films.

ThThe HelyconT

The Halcyon  location central london

Original modern CCTV cameras at

the London School of Ecconomics.

Central london.

the Location used for the front of the hotel in "The Halcyon", ITV drama.

The CCTV cameras were disguised as Victorian lamps. They were designed to be easily fitted and removed in order to be re-used. We returned to this location six times during filming and these cover-ups lasted throughout.




Modern light fitting disguise at the entrance 

of the London School of Economics, Lincolns' Inn.

This art deco-style fitting was designed and created to hide the modern light fitting and match the era's technology and fashion.

Pictured right, is a modern security alarm disguised as a fire alarm fitting from the 1940s.

This location was filmed as the entrance to a air raid shelter.

Pictured left, is another modern fire alarm disguised as a period vent.

Pictured left, is a hand-painted sign made to cover up satellite dish at street location in Greenwich, London.

Pictured right are custom made period street lamp covers to fit over modern street lamps on a location in Greenwich, London.

To the left, is a hand-painted sign I made for a film location.

Pictured right, is a coat of arms cover-up to disguise the engraved name of the actual location.

Pictured above is a hidden intercom on a stone gatehouse, with cover-up matching the background stonework.


Bespoke motion sensor cover-ups to match the design of a location, made on-site on the dressing days.


(2.5m) Large cross to cover stained glass window at location.

Georgian period drama exterior.


Covering motion sensor to match location architecture for BBC drama (Black Narcissus 2020)

church ext 3.jpg

Covering modern security light

at medieval church with custom-made sculpt to match architecture.


Bespoke covers for motion sensors at location for Emma (feature film 2020)


How to cover light switches for productions set in Victorian or earlier eras?

Bespoke candle holders hide these modern fittings.

church int door 1.jpg
church int door 3.jpg

Filming in a medieval church. Bespoke model makes to cover modern fittings. These include fixed plug sockets and security lights.

The cover-ups were made to look like gargolyes and other period architectural features.

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